Allen Corlett, May 2016

The Royal Artillery celebrated its 300th anniversary in 2016 and Her Majesty the Queen gave permission for a special baton to be produced to mark the occasion , called The Captain General’s Baton. This was to travel the world calling to all the Commonwealth Countries, Crown Dependencies and British Territories. It came to the Isle of Man on 9th May 2016, arriving at Isle of Man Airport, Ronaldsway, where it and the accompanying military personnel was welcomed by Honorary Colonel Charles Wilson and local former members of the Royal Artillery. The baton was taken around the Island to a number of war memorials and to local landmarks such as Snaefell, Laxey Wheel and Tynwald Hill. The visit coincided with the Isle of Man Post Office issuing a set of stamps to commemorate the 300th Anniversary. At Tynwald Hill the baton and the contingent were welcomed by Captain of the Parish of German, Allen Corlett. Here he is pictured with Lieutenant Colonel Lyndsey Forbes RA, the Commanding Officer of the regiment, the only female commanding officer in the British Army.