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1627 Thomas Qualtrough, Captain
  Donald Duke, Warden of the Day Watch
  Gilbert Nelson, Ballakneale, Warden of the Night Watch
1644 William Gawne, Ballagawne
1776 (died) Thamas Gawne, Ballagawne
1797 Edward Gawne, Kentraugh, MHK
1838 Edward Moore Gawne, Kentraugh, JP, MHK 1829-67 (SHK 1854-67), his son
1872 John Thomas Clucas, Ballakilley, and Thornhill, Lezayre, JP, MHK 1874-87
1887 William Baring Stevenson, Balladoole, Arbory (see Arbory list)
1894 John Donald Clucas, Ballakilley, JP, MHK 1897-1903, 1906-13, 1919-24, MLC 1924-28, son of J T Clucas
1939 Edward Murray Gawne, JP, Kentraugh, grandson of E M Gawne
1970 Edward Richard Murray Gawne, Kentraugh, JP, his son
1998 Stanley Ditchfield Clucas, Ballachurry