Captain stands down, 2023

In September 2023 His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor accepted with regret the resignation of Stanley Ditchfield Clucas from his role as Captain of the Parish of Rushen.

Stan, as he is popularly known, of Ballachurry Farm in Rushen, was appointed in 1998 at the age of 61 by the then Lieutenant Governor Sir Timothy Daunt KCMG. He succeeded Richard Gawne of Kentraugh, Rushen, who was the fourth member of his family to be the Captain of Rushen Parish. Richard lived part of the year in the family home at Kentraugh and the other part in New Zealand. When he decided to live full time in New Zealand for his final years he stood down as Captain of the Parish.

Stan had been elected a member of Rushen Parish Commissioners at the age of 25 and served for 36 years, standing down when he was appointed Captain. He took a very active part in parish life. During his time as Captain he presented land to the Manx Wildlife Trust which became the Ballachurry Nature Reserve. In the year 2000 he presented the Millennium Cup to the parish for periodic presentation to persons who had contributed greatly to Parish life. He wrote a booklet entitled 'A Year on Ballachurry Farm 1943-44' which was published by Rushen Heritage Trust in 2016. In 2022, to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Anniversary, he and his wife, Pam, provided local residents with a special social gathering in the old orchard opposite Ballacurry Farm House where he was born and had lived all his life. For that occasion Stan made a corn dolly in the shape of a crown.

Having completed 25 years as Captain, and at 86 he was beginning to have mobility problems, Stan decided to stand down from the office and make way for a younger person.

Other Captains who have similarly stood down have included two from Onchan; Jack Nivison stood down at the age of 87 having completed 25 years' service and his successor Harvey Briggs stood down at the age of 90 after 13 years as Captain of the Parish.