Captain's Award, Lezayre - Vivien Quane, 2020


Dennis Duggan Captain of the Parish of Lezayre presented his Certificate for the 2020 Captain's Award on 5th June 2021 to his nominee Mrs Vivien Quane of Sulby.

When Vivien's late husband Finlo was a member and chairman of Lezayre Commissioners she supported him in his work for the parish. Following his death she became a Lezayre Commissioner and served as chairman on more than one occasion. She represented the commissioners on the Isle of Man Municipal Association and the Ramsey and Northern District Housing Committee. She is President of the Sulby Horticultural Show where she is involved in the organisation of the show and the catering. She was involved as a church warden of Lezayre Church when it was open and since its closure is involved in the charity that runs it as a cultural centre. She is greatly involved in the TT Tent at Sulby during the TT and MGP race periods, serving teas, coffees and organising the roster for volunteers. In addition to her voluntary work in Lezayre she is also the Lady Chairman of Ramsey Town Band and undertakes fundraising for them.