Friend or Foe exhibition opening, July 2016


The Rushen Heritage Trust has been very prolific in putting on exhibitions and publishing books since its formation on 25th July 2014. They cover the Parish of Rushen and villages of Port Erin and Port St Mary. On 27th July 2016 they launched a major exhibition in St Catherine’s Church Hall, Port Erin entitled Friend or Foe. It related to the Alien Internment Camp created during World War 2 encompassing Port Erin and part of Port St Mary. This camp differed from the others on the Island as it was for women and children. The exhibition was opened by His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor Sir Richard Gozney who was met by Captain of the Parish, Stanley Clucas. Stanley had in fact written a well-illustrated booklet on his childhood wartime memories which was published by Rushen Heritage Trust. It is entitled ‘A Year on Ballachurry Farm 1943-4’ and retails at £9.99. The Trust also brought out a book entitled ‘Friend or Foe’ portraying the fascinating story of women’s internment during the Second World War in Port Erin and Port St Mary. It has 254 pages and was written by seven authors. It retails at £18.95

Left to right: Stanly Clucas, Captain of the Parish of Rushen; Juan Watterson, MHK for Rushen; His Excellency Sir Richard Gozney; Lady Gozney; and Hugh Davidson, who, with his wife, Sandra, was the founder and continues as the prime mover of the trust.