Lieutenant Governor's Prize, 2021

It was Lieutenant Governor Air Marshal Ian McFadyen who, when guest of the Captains at a meal, made the suggestion of each captain presenting a resident in their parish with an award in recognition of their voluntary work for the community. The scheme came into being in 2005, the last year of His Excellency's tenure. The captains agreed to purchase a cut glass rose bowl to be presented by the Lieutenant Governor to the person of his choice of all the recipients of the Captain's Award who in his opinion had contributed the most given all the circumstances. This was a difficult task but each Lieutenant Governor has undertaken this task in their final year of office since 2005. The base of the rose bowl is engraved with the name of the recipient. Due to Covid 19 the 2020 award was held over until 2021. There were four Captain's Awards to consider and His Excellency Sir Richard Gozney decided to award the rose bowl to all four as each parishioner had given exemplary service to the community. In stead of the recipient holding the rose bowl for five years all four are to hold it for one year each and consequently the rose bowl is presented by the Captain of the Parish as His Excellency will have left the Island by the time of the second. There is no particular order in which the award is to be made. The first presentation was made on 5th June 2021 by Captain of the Parish of Lezayre , Dennis Duggan, to Vivien Quane in the Lezayre Parish Commissioners' Hall at Sulby.