taking our culture forward

A Manx language tour of some of the fascinating places and stories of the Calf of Man.

The presenter here is David Fisher, who filmed these short films on the Calf in 2018 and 2021.

English language versions of these films are available here: Calf of Man.

  • Aiee eayil ec Purt Jiass

  • Ellan jeh ymmodee daaghyn

  • "Loshtit dy bollagh!"

  • Ushagyn sy toor arroo

  • Gymmydey reesht greieyn whaaley veih lhong-vrisht

  • Kitterland, y Thousla as coayl y Vrig Lily

  • Lhong-vrisht er y Thousla

  • Yn Clan MacMaster

  • Y Keyllys Mooar as y Keyllys Foalsey

  • Puirt er y Cholloo

  • Quoi s'lesh y phurt, ansherbee?

  • Thie-eirinagh Carey

  • Pump-ushtey Carey

  • "Piccolo motore, grande rumoreā€¦"

  • Yn Burroo