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Direct lines:      
Director / Stiureyder 
Dr Breesha Maddrell
01624 694757
Finance Officer / Oikagh Argidys  Betty Marsh 01624 694750 Email Finance
Operations Officer / Offishear Obbreeaghtyn   Becky McSevney 01624 694756 Email Becky
Manx Language Development Officer / Yn Greinneyder
Ruth Keggin Gell
01624 694753
Manx Music Development Officer / Oaseir-lhiasee Kiaull Vannin
Dr Chloe Woolley
01624 694758
Email Chloe
Online and Educational Resources Officer / Oisear Cooid Er-linney as Ynsagh James Franklin 01624 694759 Email James


It's easiest to email us (see links above).

You can write to us or find us at: Culture Vannin, Fairfield House, Main Road, St John's IM4 3NA

You can phone us during office hours on: 01624 676169 or on our direct numbers 


Complaints and grants review procedures





If you are unhappy with the service that we have provided, please speak to the person with whom you have been dealing and explain your problem or concern. We will try to resolve the matter at this stage.

If you would like the Board to review a decision about a grant or if you think there was a misunderstanding of information submitted or based on new relevant information that you wish to be considered, please write to the Board via the Director of Culture Vannin.


Unresolved Issues.  If you are still not happy with the situation then you should put your complaint in writing and send it to the Director of Culture Vannin.

Review request received. Requests to review grant decisions will be acknowledged. If there is sufficient material to warrant a reconsideration of the application it will be taken to the next meeting of the Board.


Complaint received.  Once we receive a complaint in writing we will try to resolve it immediately or write to you within 5 working days advising you as to how we will deal with your complaint.

Statement of response. The Director of Culture Vannin will write to you within 7 days of the Board meeting at which the appeal is considered with the Board’s decision.


Statement of response. The Director of Culture Vannin will write to you within 28 days advising you of a decision regarding your complaint or providing you with a new deadline for resolution of the issue.



Reply to statement of response and appeals procedure. If the response from the Director of Culture Vannin has not satisfied your complaint, you may take the complaint to the Chair of the Board.


You can make a complaint personally or through a representative.

Making a complaint will not affect how Culture Vannin deals with you in any way. For example if your complaint is with regard to a funding application your chances of receiving funding from us in the future will not be compromised.