taking our culture forward

Culture Vannin recognises the importance of Manx Gaelic as part of the unique culture of the Island. We firmly believe that continued support for the language should be at the cornerstone of the work of the organisation.

Culture Vannin employs a Manx Language Development Officer - Yn Greinneyder - who is responsible for a wide-range of projects aimed at promoting, supporting and developing the language.

We published a new joint Manx Language Strategy in Autumn 2017, the action plan for which will inform much of our ongoing work. 
The Strategy can be accessed here (the Manx language version is here).

Visit www.learnmanx.com to find out more about the Manx language and how you can learn it, wherever you live.

Coonceil ny Gaelgey, the Manx Language Advisory Council, acts as a sub-committee of Culture Vannin and provides a translations service between Manx and English.