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A series of films exploring the Calf of Man with David Fisher.

Manx versions of these films are available here.

  • The lime kiln at South Harbour

  • The many colours of the Calf

  • Memories of a fire in a wall

  • Birds in the silo

  • Reusing shipwrecked sewing machines

  • Kitterland, the Thousla & the Brig Lily

  • Shipwreck on the Thousla

  • The shipwreck of the Clan MacMaster

  • The Big Sound & the False Sound

  • Fold Point and Cow Harbour

  • Whose dock is it anyway?

  • Carey's farmhouse

  • Carey's water pump

  • Italian graffiti on the Calf of Man

  • The Burroo

  • The Calf of Man baby

  • Vikings attacked by 'puffins'

  • The wall

  • The lion & the fault

  • The mill

  • Spaghetti Junction

  • The workshop

  • The three lighthouses

  • The king's lead mine