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Manx language wheel


An innovative new tool to help with your Manx grammar.

A two-sided wheel of Manx prepositional pronouns and irregular verbs, created by Nicola Tooms.

Manx irregular verbs featured: goll (go), ve (be) cheet (come), fakin (see), gra (say), cur (give/put/send), clashtyn (hear), goaill (take), feddyn/geddyn (get/find), jannoo (do/make).

Prepositional pronouns featured: rish (with/to/by), lurg (after), veih/voish (from), mychione (concerning), son (for), ass (out of), ayns (in), da (to), ec (at), er (on), fo (under), gollrish (like), harrish (over), gys/hug (to), jeh (of), lesh (with), liorish (by), marish (with), mysh (about), roish (before).

More information about this Manx language wheel available here.