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A short conversation about an innovative new tool to help people with their Manx grammar.

Nicola Tooms explains the background of her creating the two-sided wheel of prepositional pronouns and irregular verbs for Manx Gaelic. She explains what the impetus for the idea was, how the idea grew, what has come of it and how it can help others now.

More information about how to purchase this wheel here: Manx Language Wheel.

More information about all things Manx can be found on the Learn Manx website: www.learnmanx.com

A Manx language version of tihs film is available here:




Gura mie ayd, Mark Lawrence, for the use of the music here. It is his own arrangement and performance of Kirsty Lawrence's 'Dooraght', from his 'Skeealyn Y Gitar'