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40th Anniversary grant recipients announced

Mon, 25 Apr 2022

The Board Members of Culture Vannin are pleased to announce the selection of nine projects to receive special funding from its 40th Anniversary grants fund in 2022.

The grants awarded, totalling £40,000, aim to support bigger ideas, especially those that embrace innovation and change. The recipients of the grants, which were awarded to the value of either £2,500 or £5,000, are as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Reuben Armstrong, “Grandad and the Pier”, a documentary film capturing the ambitious restoration of the Queen’s Pier in Ramsey.
  • Neil Corlett, “The Peel Fishing Story”, a short film tracing the history and changes that have taken place in the Peel fishing industry.
  • Simon Maddrell, “The Whole Island”, a poetry book inspired by the Isle of Man and the author’s queer Manx identity.
  • Kimmy McHarrie, “Interdependence”, an original artwork installation of a basking shark in a public space, with accompanying film and website documenting the process.
  • Alice Morgan, “Women in Farming on the Isle of Man”, a photobook of portrait photography and interviews.
  • Jonathan Teare, “Manx Churches on the Brink”, an interactive tour guide captured in 360 footage, that highlights change within significant ecclesiastical buildings with the expert insights of Peter Kelly.
  • Zoe Tweedy, “Nigel Kneale – the man who saw the future from the past”, research and a short film about the Manx screenwriter.
  • Sue Woolley, “More Manx Worthies”, recording online the achievements of 40 individuals who made a significantly notable impact on Island life, or those with close Manx connection or of Manx descent who made a significantly notable impact globally.
  • “Yn Cholloo”, a project combining original music, film, photography and field recordings inspired by the Calf of Man and its social history. Working with Gyp Buggane, Thomas Mac Conchoille, Matty Cummingham, Juan Maddrell, and Joff Whitten.

Chris Thomas MHK, Chair of Culture Vannin said:

“This special grant fund celebrates everything that we are about, and I am very pleased with both the quality and diversity of the nine projects our Board has selected to support. We were delighted by the high volume of applications that were received, many of which were of an excellent standard and fitted the remit well.”

A key requirement of the 40th Anniversary grants fund was that applicants must deliver a project, ideally at least beginning in 2022, relating to the Isle of Man and its people. The project had to fit within at least one of the areas in the remit of the cultural charity, as laid down in the Manx Heritage Foundation Act: archaeology; history and law; industrial development; language and literature; architecture; music, folklore and folk dance; arts and crafts; and natural history and ecology.

Dr Breesha Maddrell, Director of Culture Vannin said:

“We are excited to see the outcomes of these projects and look forward to sharing them in the coming year. This special anniversary grants fund will operate in addition to the charity’s normal grants fund which will welcome applications as usual throughout the year.”

The next opportunity to apply for a grant is to the May Board Meeting which has a submission deadline of Friday 6th May. Details can be found at www.culturevannin.im/fundingawards/grants