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A little video to help you with your romantic Manx. The dialogue spoken here is as follows:

She laa Valentine t’ayn! Sonnys ort!
Ta graih aym ort. Ta mee geearree paagey oo.
Ta graih ayd orrym! Ta shen symoil!
Vel graih ayd’s orrym’s?
Cha nel. Agh s’mie lhiam oo.
Agh vel oo geearree paagey mee?
Bare lhiam paagey my voddey na uss!
Atreih! Agh jeeagh er yn far-veeal aym.
Ah, feer vie! Lhig dooin paagey eisht!


Happy Valentine’s day!
I love you. I want to kiss you.
You love me! That’s interesting!
Do you love me?
No. But I like you.
But do you want to kiss me?
I’d rather kiss my dog than you!
Bad times! But look at my moustache.
Ah, yes! Let’s kiss then!

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