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A new choral piece by Aalin Clague and performed by Caarjyn Cooidjagh, created as a part of the Colmcille1500 celebration of the 1500th anniversary of the birth of Columb Killey / Colmcille / St. Columba.

Commissioned as a Treisht2020 project by Culture Vannin, ‘Y Folliaght’ is inspired by nature poetry attributed to Colmcille, with lyrics in Manx by Dr Marie Clague.

The lyrics begin:

S'eunyssagh d'ou dy ve er cronk aalin / er baare carrick / dy voddym mennick fakin er yn ushtey kiune
Dy voddym fakin ny tonnyn trome / erskyn yn ushtey gial myr t'ad cantal / kiaull da nyn Ayr dy bea veayn


Delightful to me to be on an island hill, / on the crest of a rock, / that I might often watch the quiet sea.
That I might watch the heavy waves / above the bright water, as they chant / music to their Father everlastingly.

More about the Manx traditions surrounding Columb Killey can be found here: Laa Columb Killey