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A tour of Peel, from Weatherglass Corner to the Albert Hall, with Stewart Bennett.
The tour includes stories of...

  • The men who died after drinking a pint of raw eggs
  • The Isle of Man's 'Taj Mahal'
  • A ghostly carriage on Castle Street
  • The Island's longest bridge
  • An old cinema, factory, kipper yards and police station
  • A visit to Gef the Dalby Spook
  • Characters like Johnny Ten Coats, Tip the Scales and Up or Down Howard

This tour around Peel was filmed with Stewart Bennett on 10 May 2022.

Below are the separate parts of the full film available above.

This film is also available in English: Tour of Peel

  • Corneil y Ghless Earlish

  • Traie Phurt ny Hinshey as Gaabyl Vunn

  • Shenn Stashoon ny Meoiryn Shee

  • Scaan Spurrier ec Shenn Thie-oast ny Marrey

  • Straid y Chashtal

  • Mygeayrt y Thie Bouyr

  • Ny Skibbyltee Boghtey

  • 'Tip the Scales,' y Groseyr, Purt ny Hinshey

  • Raad y Stashoon & Juan ny Jeih Cooatyn

  • Cur Shilley er Gef, Scaan Ghelbee

  • Scaan Cott Fenella

  • Straid Chalse, Lhoan Orree, Straid y Ven-rein as Straid y Vargee

  • Lhoan y Thie Obbree

  • Straid Duke

  • Straid ny Droghad

  • Y Shenn Halley Sheeltys

  • Halley Albert