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A presentation of tholtans in the Isle of Man, photographed between 1965 and 1991, by Mike Goldie.

The photographer behind the 1996 book, Tholtans of the Manx Crofter, Mike Goldie was incredibly important in documenting ruins all over the Isle of Man from the 1960s through into the 1990s.
Many of the tholtans featured in this presentation have either deteriorated beyond recognition or else have disappeared completely.

This slideshow was presented by Mike Goldie in 1991.
As well as his important and beautiful images, he offers the stories of these tholtans and his own experience of them as we tour around the Isle of Man, from Bride to the ruins of the Calf of Man.

This VHS recording is released online with thanks to the Goldie family.
An oral history interview with Mike Goldie can be enjoyed here.


Short extracts from the full film feature below.

  • Cranstal Cottage

  • Ballameanagh

  • The Hidden Valley

  • Killabregga

  • Ballaskella

  • Montpelier

  • Kirk Michael tholtans

  • Glion Kiark quarry

  • St John's railway station

  • Foxdale railway line

  • Glen Needle Mill

  • St Trinian's Chapel

  • Lheaney Runt

  • Cregwine

  • Herb doctor's garden

  • Thalloo Quane

  • Cly Clogh

  • Injebreck reservoir

  • Lhingague

  • A spring on South Barrule

  • The Ronague Spook

  • Black Hill

  • Langness Farm

  • Balldoole Farm

  • Calf of Man tholtans