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A series of short Manx song lessons, suitable for adults and children alike, delivered by one of the Isle of Man's leading singers, Ruth Keggin Gell, who teaches four simple traditional songs in Manx Gaelic.

The sheet music for Manannan Song is available to download here: Manannan Song (PDF)

  • Manannan Song (song only)

  • Juan y Jaggad Keeir (lesson)

    The sheet music for Juan y Jaggad Keeir is available to download here: Juan y Jaggad Keeir (PDF)

  • Juan y Jaggad Keeir (song only)

  • Lhigey, Lhigey (lesson)

    The sheet music for Lhigey, Lhigey is available to download here: Lhigey, Lhigey (PDF)

  • Lhigey, Lhigey (song only)

  • Arrane ny Niee (lesson)

    The sheet music for Arrane ny Niee is available to download here: Arrane ny Niee (PDF)

  • Arrane ny Niee (song only)