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A tour of the Snaefell Mine site by mines expert, Andrew Scarffe.

The tour includes all of the main remaining remnants still present at the site, including: the engine shaft, lade, blacksmith's workshop, Captain Kewley's house, chimney, lead store, powder house, turbine house and the water wheel.

The individual parts extracted from the main film follow below.

Also available is this film about the Snaefell Mine Disaster of 1897: Snaefell Mine Disaster.

  • The powder house

  • The blacksmith's workshop

  • Captain Kewley's house

  • The lade

  • The chimney

  • The shaft

  • The lead store

  • The river running under Snaefell Mine

  • A tramway fence post

  • The turbine house

  • The water wheel