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The traditional Manx language church service held in Old St. Runius, Marown in January 2022.

Organised by Yn Cheshaght Gailckagh, the service held on 3 January 2022 took place in Old St. Runius, Marown, one of the most beautiful and historic churches in the Isle of Man.

The service included live performances by the Manx Gaelic choir, Caarjyn Cooijagh, and live music by Julie Matthews and Peter Heyhurst.

Readings were given by Stewart Bennett, Marilyn Crellin, Chris Sheard, Rosemary Gibson, Peter Hayhurst, Ruth Keggin Gell, Annie Watkins, Helen Robinson, Finn Franklin and Orry Franklin.

More information about Manx is available here: LearnManx.com.


The full 45-minute service is available to be viewed here: