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A short documentary about the company behind the smallest production car ever made, the P50, and so much more; Peel Engineering.

This film features archive film and photograph footage from over 60 years ago; interviews with those involved in the company in the 1960s, captured at the site by Peel harbour; and intimate tours around the Trident, the Viking Sport and the legendary P50 cars.

This documentary covers everything from the early fiberglass fairings for TT motorbikes, through the iconic micro-cars of the 1960s, through to the experimental work on hovercrafts and more.

At the heart of it all is the brilliant creative mind of Cyril Cannell.

Below are extended edits of sections from the film, including tours around the P50, Trident and Viking cars, and the full-length interviews with former employees at Peel Engineering.

  • The P50

  • The Trident

  • The Viking

  • Interview with George Gelling

  • Interview with Ernie Leece

  • Interview with Celia Joughin & Edith Cutsforth