taking our culture forward

The music scene is thriving on the Isle of Man today. This is shown not just by the many Manx musicians and bands making a large impact on the international stage, but also the development and flourishing of younger musicians, bands and a rich musical environment on the Isle of Man today.

We sat down two of the leading young Manx musicians today, Owen Williams and Mera Royle. Both have a history with groups like Bree and Ny Fennee, but today they are performing in new groups, as soloists and as a part of Scran. Mera Royle also has the distinction of being a finalist in the BBC Folk Awards 2018.
In this information chat, Mera and Owen speak about their experiences of the Manx music scene, their feelings about the importance of Manx culture, and some of the people and institutions who have been so important to their development.

More information about Manx music is available here: manxmusic.com
More information about Scran is available here: manxmusic.com/performer_465018.html
More information about Mera Royle is available here: facebook.com/MeraRoyleHarp