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Over 50 videos of performances from the first day of the Manx Folk Awards 2024, covering music, dance and recitation from Secondary school age children.

The Manx Folk Awards (Aundyryn Kiaull-Theay Vannin) are an annual set of informal competitions in traditional Manx music, dance and performance.

Organised by Department of Education, Sport and Culture, and Culture Vannin, the Manx Folk Awards are held the last week before the Easter holidays at a number of venues including the Douglas Youth Arts Centre, Trinity Church and the Methodist Hall, St. John's.

Videos from other days are available here: Day 2 (KS1); Day 3 (KS2, Song & Dance); Day 4 (KS2, Intrumental)

Please note that we have featured all performances for which there is video footage available.

  • Jerrey yn Theihll (harp)

  • Gyn Ennym (harp)

  • Leila & Clive's Wedding Tune

  • Garey Ford (fiddle)

  • Garey Ford (piano)

  • Arrane Ghelbee (piano)

  • Three Little Boats (fiddle)

  • Rosie & Andy's Mad Waltz

  • Car y Phoosee (fiddle)

  • Tune for Grandad

  • Three Little Boats (fiddle)

  • Ny Kirree fo Niaghtey

  • Graih Foalsey

  • Garey Ford (fiddle)

  • Ellan Vannin (piano)

  • Birlinn Ghorree Chrovan

  • Dooraght (fiddle)

  • Yn Guilley Hesheree

  • Garey Ford (fiddle)

  • Oh My Graih

  • Dooraght (fiddle)

  • Yn Guilley Hesheree (fiddle)

  • Eunyssagh Vona

  • Green Hills of Dhoon

  • Ny Kirree fo Niaghtey & Sue Ling's (fiddle)

  • Dooraght & Maltesers (piano)

  • Happy Accident

  • Car y Phoosee (fiddle duet)

  • Flitter Dance (piano duet)

  • Irree ny Greiney (piano duet)

  • Car ny Ferrishyn / Car Juan Nan (duet)

  • Flowing Tide

    A new composition by Ealish Ayres, performed by Katie Lawrence

  • The Wild Flower

    A new composition by Frank Joughin.

  • Manx National Anthem (prash)

  • Lhigey Lhigey

  • Dooraght (harp)

  • Fochabers

  • Our Ship Did Sail

  • Moirrey ny Cainle

  • Bree

    Illiam Boght, Arrane ny Guilley Hesheree & Three Little Boats

  • Castle Rushen High School Folk Group

    Ushag Veg Ruy, Three Little Boats & Zigzag

  • Scran: Ny Kirree fo Niaghtey

  • Scran

    Gyn Ennym, S'liack Lhiam Bine dy Yough Jig, & Jemmy as Nancy.

  • The Ellan Vannin Tragedy

  • Sharon's Jig

  • Men's Jig

  • Sharon's Jig

  • Sharon's Jig

  • Jig Noa

  • Gorse Sticks

  • Gorse Sticks

  • Sharon's Jig

  • Men's Jig

  • Perree Bane: Stir Fry

  • Skeddan Jiarg: The White Boys Dance

  • Perree Bane: Tree Baatyn Beggey

    A new dance composition by members of Perree Bane.

  • Perree Bane: Shenn as Noa

    A balanced programme of the following dances: Guilley Hesheree, Stir Fry, Jig Noa, and Mheillea.

  • Skeddan Jiarg: Balanced Programme

    A balanced programme of the following dances: Shooyl Inneenyn, Eunyssagh Vona, Dance for Three, Flitter Dance, & The White Boys Dance

  • Platform Seniors: Strolling Down the Prom