taking our culture forward

A stop-motion film of the creation of the world's oldest continuous parliament, in Lego!

As well as presenting something of the living culture of the Isle of Man in our Centre here in St. John's, we also wanted to tell something of the history and meaning of Tynwald and Tynwald Day. We thought that the best way to communicate anything about the world's oldest continuous parliament would be to excite and engage people, and particularly new and younger people; to give them something a little different, which would spark their own interest and inspire their own questions. So we thought of Lego!

Created by Warren Elsmore in 2017, the Lego model at the Cultural Centre in St. John's shows a snapshot of the Tynwald Day ceremony, processing from the Tynwald Chapel to the ancient Tynwald Mound. This stop-motion film shows the model as it was being created, before it was revealed to the public on Tynwald Day, 5th July 2017.

It is on temperament display at the Culture Vannin centre in St. John's, Isle of Man, opposite Tynwald Hill.