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An introduction to perhaps the best preserved and most dramatic of all Manx keeills, the earliest Christian buildings in the Isle of Man.

When Christianity first arrived on the Isle of Man in the 6th Century, small chapels were built all over the Island. These keeills today might look to some like primitive buildings in remote locations - suggesting a hermit-existence for the priest - but it is not that simple...
By looking at the landscape and setting, as well as the physical remains, we begin to understand the keeills like Lag ny Keeilley in new and revealing ways.

Andrew Johnson (Field Archaeologist at Manx National Heritage) here explains the site, some of its key features and what we might learn of life of those people who lived or visited this site hundreds of years ago.

This film was one of two produced by Culture Vannin to accompany the book co-authored by Andrew Johnson and published in 2017: 'A Guide to the Archaeological Sites of the Isle of Man'.
The other film, about a neolithic tomb unlike anything else in the British Isles, can be enjoyed here: Meayll Circle.