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John Galt is one of only two surviving people involved in Operation Pedestal, the largest convoy to supply the besieged island of Malta during the Second World War.
John served on the aircraft carrier, HMS Indomitable, and was a part of the crew which suffered hits from two 500kg bombs, one of which penetrated the unarmoured portion of the flight deck, causing the deaths of 46 people and wounding 70.
John also here speaks about his wider experiences, including his childhood in the Isle of Bute, his training at HMS Valkyrie in the Isle of Man, and his service on HMS Indomitable and other ships, with his involvement in various operations and visits to various places around the world.

John Galt is here in conversation with Ivor Ramsden, Director of the Manx Aviation & Military Museum, on 14 June 2021, in Douglas in the Isle of Man.