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The Manx language version of the hop-tu-naa song, performed in a shortened form and animated by pupils of the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh.

The words sung here are as follows:

1. Ta shenn Oie Houney, Hop-tu-naa! / T’an eayst soilshean, Trol-la-laa!
‘Tis Hollantide Night, Hop-tu-naa! / The moon shines bright, trol-la-laa!

Hop-tu-naa as Trol-la-laa, / Ta shenn Oie Houney, Hop-tu-naa!
Hop-tu-naa and Trol-la-laa, / ‘Tis Hollantide Night, Hop-tu-naa!

2. Noght Oie Houney, Hop-tu-naa! / Mairagh Laa Houney, Trol-la-laa!
Tonight is Hollantide night, Hop-tu-naa! / Tomorrow is Hollantide Day, Trol-la-laa! etc.

3. Veeit mee poul kayt, / Reh eh scryssey.
I met a polecat, / He grinned at me.

4. Ren mee roie, / Roie mee gys Nalbin,
I ran, / I ran to Scotland.

The full set of lyrics to the Manx hop-tu-naa song can be found amongst the downloadable resources for hop-tu-naa.

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