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Dating back to the Vikings in the Isle of Man, Grim's cross is one of the most beautifully carved and interesting of all the Manx cross-slabs.

As well as the runes on the side, and the beautiful carved knot-work on the two faces, there are a number of figures on the cross-slab which are shrouded in mystery.

Is it Christ at his crucifixion, with Thomas' cockerel and an angel standing by? If so, it is a rare depiction of Christ clothed and without stigmata.
Is it a dragon on the other side, mirrored perhaps by Hrue-Svelgr, the Corpse Devourer, in the form of a bird? If so, who is the person being devoured?
There is so much to wonder about with this cross which combines Christian and Norse elements, leading to so many more questions about this fascinating period of Manx history...

This film is presented by Mike Clague, author of 'The Michael Crosses' (2021).
It was made with thanks to Michael Parish Church, where Grim's Cross is one of 12 cross-slabs on public display daily.