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The trailer for 'Grandad & the Pier,' a film created with one of the Culture Vannin 40th anniversary grants.

This beautiful, charming, cinematic documentary captures an ambitious project with over 130 years of history at its foundations.
In Ramsey in the north of the Isle of Man, a giant derelict pier juts out into the Irish sea.
Closed for decades, now the pier is getting a new lease of life thanks to a defiant, social-media savvy elderly population building something for the next generation.
A wind-swept, tea-soaked, heart-warming film about community, hope and leaving a legacy beyond our years.
“It’s the people’s pier!” declares Grandad Biff. “It’s got to survive. We’re going to do it!”

The film was created with support from a Culture Vannin grant.
More information about the film is available here.