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A conversation in Manx Gaelic with Johnny Crellin, about some of the wonderful memories he has, ranging over everything from his youth in Andreas in the 1920s to his experiences of WW2 and learning Manx from older native speakers.

At the time of this interview, in 2019, Juan y Crellin was in his late 90s and the oldest living fluent Manx speaker.

This conversation between Juan y Crellin and Jamys Harrison, took place at Mr Crellin's home on 21 February 2019.

Further information about Johnny Crellin compiled at the time of his death in 2021 is available here.
An oral history interview recorded in English in 2019 is available here.

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    Dooinney 'meydlagh' voish y clieau

  • Sauit ass yn aile

  • Meeiteil rish dooinney enmyssit Kennaugh er y cheayn

  • Charlie Joughin

  • Goll stiagh ayns thieyn feallagh elley

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  • Drogh-haghyrt etlan ayns Skylley Andreas

  • Dooinney va goit bun ry skyn ayns chimlee