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An enormous earthen bank lies on the lonely uplands of the Isle of Man, but no one knows why...

Reaching as high as 2 metres, with a ditch beside it of up to 4 metres wide, the structure has baffled archaeologists for over a century.
If it was a defensive structure, what did it protect? And why is the ditch on the upland side?
If it is a boundary fence, why was so much work put into it? And where is the rest of the fence?

The film offers a short overview of the site and some of the questions that surround it.

The film is presented by Chris Callow, of Island Heritage Tours.

More about Cleigh yn Arragh can be found in A Guide to the Archaeological Sites of the Isle of Man.

The music is by Mark Lawrence, from his EP of Manx and other tunes, Skeealyn y Gitar.