taking our culture forward


Bree is a youth education movement celebrating Manx music, dance and culture. Designed for children aged between 10 and 18, Bree (which is Manx for ‘vitality’) aims to both introduce and develop Manx culture within the Island’s young musicians and dancers and ensure that it remains a living tradition. Bree provides opportunities for young people who already sing, dance or play an instrument and are interested in Manx culture to socialise, share ideas and learn from more experienced musicians.

Each year a Big Bree Workshop Weekend takes place, where children (whether new or regular members of Bree) work on Manx music, song, dance and theatre over two days and put on a performance at the end.

More about Bree and how to take part can be found on ManxMusic.com.

The song written by the Bree Songwriters in 2022 is available here: The Making of Mann