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The launch of a new book about the Isle of Man, written from a very unusual perspective; A Thousand Years in Man

The book offers unique insights into the history of the Isle of Man from a Norwegian perspective. Charting the struggles for power in the Irish Sea, the book speaks of kings and conquest as well as the author’s more contemporary views of our Island in the 20th century. Written by Jon Leirfall and published in 1979 to coincide with the Millennium of Tynwald celebrations, it has only been available in his native Norwegian as 'Tusen år på Man' until now.

The book was translated by Dr. Jennifer Kewley Draskau, a well-known author, translator and academic. Her translation of A Thousand Years in Man makes for an accessible and engaging read.

She launched the book at Culture Vannin in St. John's in December 2019 and was introduced by Professor Angela Little, who explains the fascinating journey of the book to print.