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Winners of the 2020 competition for new songs, tune and dances for the Manx traditions about 1 May; Oie Voaldyn and Laa Boaldyn.

Further recordings of winning compositions can be enjoyed in audio here.

The full collection of the musical notations for all of the winners of the tune competitions is available here: The Boaldyn Tune Collection.

More information about this competition, including further sheet music, lyrics or information, from all the winning entries, is available here: Boaldyn new Composition Results



  • Yn Voostey yn Arragh - Frank Joughin

    Sheet music for this tune is available here: Yn Voostey yn Arragh

  • Yn Daunse jeh ny Blaaghyn Bwee - Lowenna Joughin

  • Mygeayrt yn aile Laa Boaldyn - Heike Perry

  • Car Laa Boaldyney - David Speers