taking our culture forward

A series of poems on Manx themes, written and performed by the Manx Bard, Annie Kissack.
Some of the themes covered include Manx calendar customs, a personal folklore story from within the Kissack family, and the traditional Manx folklore figure of the Glashtin.

  • Tap, tap, tap

  • Glashtin

  • Still hunting the wren

  • The blooming

  • The Myrrh

  • Bonnag

  • The Braaid Eisteddfod

  • Keeill

  • Illiam Dhone

  • The beauty of flat lands

  • Return

  • The child that has no name

  • Luanistyn

  • Between rain on a warm road

  • A donkey ate my hat

  • The coldest winds

  • Heard through an open door

  • Winter's Witch

  • Er y Vaatey

  • Mona sings

  • Knowing our places