taking our culture forward

Mrs Vera Craine (nee Jennings), one of the founder members of the Manx Amateur Dramatics organisation the Service Players, shares some of her memories with David Callister, including:

  • Theatre in the Isle of Man
  • The Service Players
  • The Bluebell Kelly School of Dancing
  • Family history
  • Holidays in the Isle of Man
  • Moving to the Isle of Man
  • Father’s wholesale fruit business
  • Dancing lessons and winning medals
  • Pantomimes at The Gaiety Theatre
  • Teaching dance at The Palais studio
  • Actor Jon Pertwee
  • Manx Amateur Dramatic Society
  • Competing in the Blackpool Festival
  • The Royal Navy and HMS Valkyrie
  • Starting a family
  • Death of Colonel Jeavons during a live performance


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