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Interview with Mrs Moira Cashen from the North of the Island. The interview explores topics including:

Parents and sibling TB [Tuberculosis] as a child Early schooldays Growing up in Ramsey Working for Aristoc Sunday School and outings Miss McQuaid and Manx Tartan Misses Gibbs from the Grove in Ramsey The Queen’s Coronation Rogation Sunday Reverend Mock and Church Choir


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More Photos

  • Mrs Moira Cashen at her home in Andreas in 2012
  • Mrs Moira Cashen nee Buttell and her husband Tommy
  • Mrs Moira Cashen at Albert Road School, Ramsey
  • Potato competition at Andreas School. Date unknown
  • Sewing class at Andreas School. Date unknown
  • Mrs Moira Cashen aged 22 years old with a friend's child