taking our culture forward

David Callister interviews Mrs Mabel Bean, a resident of the Isle of Man who was born in England in 1899. Mrs Bean discusses the following topics:

  • Early childhood memories
  • Memories of WWI
  • Obtaining a driving licence
  • Father’s involvement with Billy Morris of Morris Motors
  • Various jobs during WW1
  • Watching Zeppelins flying overhead
  • Boyfriends and getting married
  • End of WWI and Armistice
  • WWII
  • Joining the WVS [Women’s Voluntary Service]
  • Becoming a Land Girl
  • Rationing and selling cigarettes
  • Husband in charge of Recruitment Centre
  • Bombing and bomb shelters
  • Memories of father’s car racing in the Isle of Man
  • Moving to the Isle of Man
  • Celebrating 100th birthday
  • Resident at Cummal Moar


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