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A Manx language conversation with Leslie Quirk RBV (1914 - 2004).

After reading a prepared script about his life, he is in conversation with Steve Blackburn and Phil Kelly.

Topics discussed include the following:

  • Farming at Ballawattleworth in the 1930s.
  • Leaving King William's College to join his father and brother Walter on the farm.
  • The collapse of farming industry.
  • Helping on a milk round and looking after animals.
  • Ploughing: types of ploughs and ploughing methods; how his older brother, Walter (Kione Doo), did the difficult work; the five-year crop rotation; ploughing in November.
  • Selling produce to dealers.
  • Cars: Percy Kissack's Vauxhall / Bullnose Morris, learning to drive, Tommy Frost's garage in Peel, obtaining a driving licence.
  • Ballasalla Mart, selling lambs.
  • Potatoes unwanted, given away free.
  • 1933 - 1934 very poor farming years, when many turned to fishing.
  • The Manx words for fish, fluke / sole.

This oral history recording with Leslie Quirk was made by Steve Blackburn and Phil Kelly RBV at Yn Dhonnag, St Judes.


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  • Leslie Quirk RBV in conversation with Steve Blackburn and Phil Kelly (1990s)