taking our culture forward

Mrs Laura Briggs talks to interviewer David Callister about life on the Island during the 1940s, when she was a member of the Women's Land Army. Interview topics include:

  • Women’s Land Army
  • Knockaloe Farm
  • Working on different farms
  • Sunday School picnics
  • Shorthorn breed of cattle
  • Introduction of an Alpha Levall milking machine
  • Girls Friendly Society
  • Wages and allowances for Land Girls
  • Thinning kale and turnips
  • Travel by bus or tram
  • Conscription of Land Girls
  • Local entertainment
  • Riot by internees at Knockaloe Camp
  • Parade to promote the Women’s Land Army
  • Lord Granville and Lady Rose
  • Gratuities and extra clothing coupons


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