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John Kneale was born on the sea front in Old Laxey in 1928, moving to a cottage in Agneash when he was six. John describes growing up in Agneash and his memories of Laxey, from the little ‘cafes’ along Dumbell's Terrace to the shops on the New Road. At 14, John left school and went to work at Laxey Glen Mills where he remained for 47 years, moving in time to the Mill House next door to the mill and owned by the company itself. John travelled round the farms and many bake houses across the island delivering for the mills and has many memories of the characters he met and of what the Island was like at the time. John moved to Douglas, Onchan and latterly to Glen Maye twenty six years ago - where he was often recognised by characters he had met during his time at the Glen Mills!

This interview was recorded by Katie Newton on 19 August 2019.


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  • Interview with John Kneale, 19 August 2019