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Dalby man Mr Ian Corlett, born at Ballaspet Farm in Patrick in 1926, speaks to David Callister. The following topics are raised in the interview:

  • Early memories of living on farms
  • Working for the Air Ministry at Dalby
  • The ‘Dalby Spook’ and Voirrey Irving
  • Early school days
  • Wellington plane crash at Eairy Cushlin
  • Anson plane crash at Cronk ny Irrey Laa
  • Joining the ATC [Air Transport Command]
  • Growing up in Dalby
  • Mill days and threshing
  • Various cafes and hotels
  • Finding unexploded mine on White Beach
  • Food supplies and local deliveries
  • Self-sufficiency on farms
  • Leslie Corrin’s accident with detonators
  • The Home Guard
  • Anson plane crash on Dalby mountain

The first of two interviews with Mr Ian Corlett born in 1926 at Ballaspet Farm, Patrick. In this interview, Mr Corlett tells Barry Quilliam about the following topics:

  • Memories of ‘The Dalby Incident’
  • Controversy over burial of German airmen
  • Joining the Forces
  • Radar stations around the Island
  • Botha plane crash at Eary Cushlin
  • Anson plane crash at Dalby
  • Wellington plane crash over Eary Cushlin
  • Marauder plane crash
  • Flying a Lysander with Polish pilot at Jurby
  • Bombing practices at Jurby airfield
  • Active service in Normandy and Malaya
  • Leslie Corrin’s accident with detonators on farm Career with Metropolitan-Vickers
  • Return to the Isle of Man
  • Working as Manager of TV Department for Manx Co-op
  • Setting up own business repairing TVs


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