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Henry was born in 1953 and spent his early years at the Laxey end of the Ballaragh Road. His childhood was spent playing in the area of the Glen Road and the Gretch and the Methodist Church played a large part, not just on a Sunday but as a social hub throughout the week. Much time was also spent at the family’s ancestral home of Pooil Villa in Lonan, where they had lived since at least 1615. Having such a connection to an area led Henry to looking through the graves at Kirk Lonan Church where he found many family members and started a lifelong interest in research. When his father took on a dilapidated Pooil Villa from his Uncle, Henry’s life changed. Summers were spent wandering the area with his sister who was close in age including a very old site known as ‘The Crosh’, where it is said they used to rest bodies on their way from Glen Roy to the church for burial.

During his teenage years Henry was taken under the wing of Constance Radcliffe who took him to see the Manorial Roll (you could look through the original in those days) and showed him the ropes in the Reading Rooms, leading to a job as a Search Clerk with TW Cain & Sons, a local legal firm, where he remained (in their various amalgamations) for his working life, retiring in recent years. Henry made a living from what he loves doing, he has been actively involved in both the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society and the Family History Society for many years, This passion for research and his love for the Isle of Man is very apparent in his interview.

This oral history interview with Henry Gorry was recorded by Katie Newton on 9 March 2022.


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  • Henry Gorry interviewed by Katie Newton (9 March 2022)