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Hector Duff is the Isle of Man's best-known veteran of World War II, having spent many years visiting schools and speaking publically about his experiences during the D-Day landings and more.

Here Mr Duff talks to David Callister about his life outside of his war experiences, including: his childhood and school days in the Isle of Man, Cowley Crammag in Tholt y Will, working as a Station Master for Isle of Man Railways, and his later career in the Isle of Man Police Force.

Topics include:

  • Childhood memories of parents
  • Food preservation
  • Early school days
  • Career in seamanship and navigation
  • Cowley Crammag in Tholt y Will
  • Local characters
  • Station Master for Isle of Man Railways
  • Joining the Army at the start of WWII
  • Joining the Police Force
  • Working conditions and pay as a policeman
  • The CID


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More Photos

  • Mr Hector Duff in 2013
  • Hector Duff in uniform, 1940s
  • The WWII conflict in Europe
  • WWII soldiers eating
  • The conflict in Europe
  • The conflict in Europe
  • Hector Duff with former WWII colleagues