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From the death of Queen Victoria to helping save the Ballaugh Curragh, a 1980 interview with George Quayle, renowned authority on Manx rural life and author of ‘Legends of a Lifetime.’

Topics covered in this conversation include:

• Memories of the death of Queen Victoria, the visit of King Edward and Queen Alexandra in 1902, and the first motor cars in the Isle of Man
• Farming life in the 1910s; stookin’ corn, selling butter from a cart in Ramsey, doing their own butchering
• Poaching salmon and lamping rabbits
• The bagmen, homeless people in the Isle of Man in the 1910s and how they were accommodated within home and society
• Recitations of poetry from Cushag and Juan Noa
• Traditional Manx herbal remedies
• Helping to save Ballaugh Curragh
• Folk crafts such as the dollin, rush lights and bee skeps

This interview with George Quayle was recorded by Norrie Radcliffe, Sheila Tarr, Gus Fehle & Andrew Moore, 17 November 1980.

A talk presented by George Quayle is also available here.

[The photograph of George Quayle is by Chris Killip. It is used here with thanks to Manx National Heritage.]



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