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Interview with Audrey Crowe, who was born and raised in Ramsey. Her interview with Elizabeth Ardern-Corris covers the following topics:

Memories of parents and grandparents; Father Head Gardener at Mooragh Park; Early schooldays and discipline; Nursing at Ramsey Cottage Hospital; Getting married and farming at Bishopscourt Farm; Dairy and milk round;
Shopping in Ramsey and rationing; Buying farm from Lady Ravensdale; Old Manx sayings and pronunciation; Transport and learning to drive; Attending Church and Sunday School outings; Entertainment and friends;
WWII and the RAF; Childhood illnesses and doctors; Celebrating Christmas; Grandchildren; and farming


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More Photos

  • Mrs Audrey Crowe at her home in Kirk Michael in 2012
  • Mrs Audrey Crowe, aged c. 14 years. Photograph taken by Midwood Photographers
  • Nursing friends of Mrs Audrey Crowe at Ramsey Cottage Hospital. From left to right: Audrey Lyle, Isabel Quayle, Moira Bishop and Josie Breadner. Date unknown.
  • Mrs Audrey Crowe aged c.38 years, standing on the right, in front of car with her aunt in Windsor Road, Ramsey
  • An aerial view of Bishopscourt Farm where Mrs Audrey Crowe lived and out buildings taken in 2008.
  • Mrs Audrey Crowe’s great aunt and uncle Mr and Mrs Crennell. Photograph taken by Cowen’s of Ramsey. Date unknown.
  • Mrs Audrey Crowe’s great aunt and uncle Mr and Mrs Crennell. Photograph by Cowen’s
  • View of Ramsey. Date unknown.
  • Family group canvas photograph taken in 2012. Mrs Audrey Crowe is sitting 3rd from the left next to her son Frank who is holding his son Fred.