taking our culture forward

Mr Alwyn Collister, of Castletown and born in 1939, talks to David Callister about his memories. Topics include:

  • Memories of WWII
  • Flight departures from No. 11, The Crescent in Derbyhaven
  • Father’s haulage business
  • Coal boats and wagons
  • Relocation of airport debate
  • Early school days
  • Manx Music Festival
  • Opinion of Manx Gaelic
  • Working for the Isle of Man Post Office
  • National Service and training
  • Playing in the Regimental Band
  • Chicken’s Rock lighthouse fire
  • Leaving the Forces and returning to the Post Office
  • Standing as Castletown Commissioner with Tony Brown
  • Member of The Board of Education
  • Trustee of King William’s College


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