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A 1986 recording of Manx music to accompany the core repertoire of traditional Manx dance.

This was created as a companion to the dance instruction book of the same name, Rinkaghyn Vannin, which was first published in 1983.
Over forty years after its first edition, this resource remains the essential instruction manual for Manx dance and it contains many of the popular dances still enjoyed by all ages in performances, competitions and ceilis.

This recording was originally published as a cassette tape by Sleih gyn Thie.
It was recorded in 1986 by John Kaneen. Details of the musicians are in the individual tracks.

This recording is made available online by Culture Vannin with permission of Sleih gyn Thie.
As per the original cassette tape release, it is made available here in order to promote and assist the continued learning and performance of the Isle of Man’s traditional dance.

The Rinkaghyn Vannin book is available to download as a PDF on ManxMusic.com.