taking our culture forward

The first comprehensive modern study of neolithic and bronze age burial mounds on the Isle of Man is underway thanks partly to funding from Culture Vannin.

The project is aims to investigate sites known as “round mounds” on the Isle of Man (and their associated burials, people and artefacts) and what they can tell us about life on the Island and interaction with other communities across Britain and Ireland (and potentially beyond) in the Neolithic (c.3500 BC) and Bronze Age. Funded by both Culture Vannin and Manx National Heritage, the project is being led by Drs Chris Fowler at Newcastle University and Rachel Crellin at Leicester University.

When they were over on the Isle of Man last week they popped into the Culture Vannin offices and so we used the opportunity to ask them more about round mounds, their significance, the project's aims, and some of the finds which they can already boast about.