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Ghosts, Bugganes & Fairy Pigs: Karl Roeder's Manx Notes & Queries


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Ghosts, Bugganes & Fairy Pigs is one of the most important books of Manx folklore ever published.

It offers one of the richest sources of traditional tales from the Isle of Man, including fairies, bugganes, ghosts, giants, witches and so much more.

Collected over a hundred years ago by Karl Roeder, it is reprinted here for the first time since 1904 and now includes exciting additional material.

Stories include the origins of Hunt the Wren, the murdered witch of Slieu Whallian, and perhaps the Isle of Man’s oldest UFO sighting…

The book is one of the richest sources of traditional tales from the Isle of Man, much of which was gathered from Edward Faragher – ‘Ned Beg Hom Ruy’ – the legendary poet of Cregneash.

As well as folklore, it contains fascinating pieces on history, language, literature and other things of Manx interest, as well as some more theoretical discussions of Manx matters unmatched then or since.

All of it has been faithfully transcribed and introduced by Stephen Miller, whose knowledge of the material is second to none.

Anyone interested in the Isle of Man will find this book enormously fascinating and endlessly rewarding.

The book is available in bookshops across the Isle of Man, or it can be ordered via Bridge Bookshop.